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001. Max Wyman, Writer
002. Alexander Atza Visnic, Artist, Designer
003. Veronica Stark, Graphic Designer
004. Nick Lepard, Painter
005. Zoltan Kiss, Architect, Potter, Painter
006. Scott Good, Composer
007. Eric Deis, Contemporary Artist
008. RozeMerie Cuevas, Fashion Designer
009. Toni Cavelti, Master Jeweller
010. Peter Busby, Architect
011. Gregory Borowski, Architect
012. Rhylin Bailie, Investor Relations

What is creativity? Can it be defined? How? How does it feel being creative? What about talent? Inspiration? Energy? Can it be learnt? Expiry date, crisis and death of creativity? Experience and age? Is creativity practical? Can it be measured? How? Ego? Archetypes and stages of creative process? Curiosity?

Is Vancouver creative?

Alexander Atza Visnic

Artist, Designer

Art was always a part of my life or my life was always part of the art. Visual communication through different art forms was my kind of expression as communication with the world. Over the years I had artistic interests that took me to explore and learn from great museums and teachers of the world. I started with Private Art School, where I have been taught in Classical Arts. Then High School for Industrial Design; an altogether amazing experience with Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Theory of Form, Industrial Design, etc. University of Art in Belgrade was the next dimension in knowledge and experience. Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, where I spent five great years, had professors that were part of the history in their respective fields. Furniture design and time spent in the workshop where we built the models, altogether with photography classes where we used large format cameras as well. It was an overwhelming influx of information to build knowledge necessary for involvement in any art field. We explored all the classical visual arts again on a different level of engagement. I specialized and got a Masters degree in Interior Architecture but the level of knowledge, we acquired, was much deeper and diverse look through multi disciplined art-world. Now I am saying thank you to the amazing teachers, that propelled us, art-hungry souls, in our quest towards creation. Traveling, different cultures and colours of their art became part of the imagery I was creating altogether with my sensibility for ancient cultural heritage. The first art I produced professionally was while still in school. It all started with fine art drawings, posters and big billboards hand painted for theatrical shows. Drawings for books and self-taught presentation renderings for Architecture and Graphic Design followed after university. Then I was traveling and working from Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Boston, Massachusetts; Paris, France; to Vancouver, BC where I settled for the last fifteen years. Through my work I am involved in Architectural project presentation and illustration (www.artwave.ca), Graphic Design (www.artofsymbol.com), Fine Arts (www.soulgate.ca) and (www.alexanderVphotography.com) one more of my passions, Photography. When you have so much energy, experience and love for Art, you deploy universal artistic principles in any art form you believe in, and create. I feel Art has the power of a healer, sensibility of inspiration, universality of creation, passion for the unexplored and enormous love for diversity. That is why I feel Art was and will always be, the initial spark for every human step towards exploration of the universe and evolutionary transformation...


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See it on YouTube 480 p Recommended See it on Facebook "Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better."
John Updike